Mental Health & Wellness Support  for Emergency Responders, Frontline Medical, Servicemembers, Veterans, and their families.

It's A Calling Foundation is powered by Code-4 Counseling, LLC

" The need for mental health and wellness resources for our first responders, law enforcement and military service members is at unprecedented levels. The "It's a Calling Foundation" was created to meet that need."      - Dr. Sara Metz, PsyD. 

Serving Those Who Serve

It is no secret that many emergency first-responders, law enforcement officers, frontline medical, military personnel, and veterans experience psychological trauma, substance and addiction-related issues, family and relationship challenges, and other mental health distress during their careers and into retirement.   


To help address these challenges and heal these injuries, the need for culturally competent mental health wellness resources are at unprecedented levels.  

Who is eligible for It's a Calling Foundation services?

Responder Community:
Active and retired Law Enforcement Officers (local, state, and federal), Firefighters, Corrections Officers, Dispatchers, Crime Scene Investigators, Victim Advocates, Search & Rescue Personnel, Frontline Medical Personnel, and members of their family (spouse/partner and dependent children). 

Military Community:
Active and retired military personnel who served in one of the six branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and Reserves (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Space Force) and members of their family (spouse/partner and dependent children).  

What kinds of challenges can the It’s a Calling Foundation help with?

Our team is here to help with the mental health challenges commonly faced by veterans and responders including:

Who is providing/supervising the therapy?

Our therapists are master’s-level students that have received specialized training in military and responder culture (many of whom are responders and veterans themselves) and who are supervised by licensed psychologists or psychotherapists. Many of these individuals are part of the Colorado State Univerisity Global Master's degree in Military and Emergency Responder Psychology.

Where do counseling session take place?

The It’s a Calling Foundation is partnered with Code-4 Counseling and therapists/clients will have access to office space at Code-4 Counseling in Lone Tree, CO.  We also recognize the needs for services around the state and will provide access to a HIPPA-compliant virtual platform for tele-health and will also work to accommodate agency needs at locations around the state as needed.  

The It’s a Calling Foundation (IACF) was established under the direction of Code-4 Counseling’s Dr. Sara Metz, and retired police chief Nick Metz.  

Dr. Sara Metz

Nick Metz

Dr. Sara and Nick are well known for their outreach and commitment in supporting our heroes who risk so much for our communities. Their deeply personal relationship with the responder community and their awareness of the gaps of care military and responder personnel often encounter inspires them daily to find new and innovative ways of doing more. Through their work, Dr. Sara and Nick recognized how important it was to ensure the health and wellness of our protectors by offering that same level of support to the families who share the journey with their loved one.  

Dr. Sara and Nick founded the It's a Calling Foundation in late 2021. This all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization is completely dedicated to raising the much needed funding to enhance the level of mental health and wellness support that our responders and military personnel greatly need. IACF is ready and committed to identify the resources needed and to create programs that will positively impact these important population- impacts that will be felt for years to come.

For more information about the It's a Calling Foundation, contact Nick Metz, IACF Board President.

"The Phoenix"

The Phoenix is legendary as a symbol of transformation and resurrection after loss. Creating meaning from our experiences speaks directly to the mission of the It's A Calling Foundation. 

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